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Numerous studies have shown that the rates of relapse of young adults trying to recover from alcohol, drug and other addictions are particularly high among those undertaking a college education.

But it needn’t be this way.  Life in Progress specializes in helping students to overcome addiction and substance misuse, and we now provide residential facilities on a number of college campuses across the United States.

Our experience clearly shows that safe and properly supervised housing is a key part of college students’ recovery from all kinds of addictions and is of course vital to their academic progress, graduation and future career success.

Our Approach

One of the most destructive aspects of addiction is the feeling of isolation that it often brings to the individual affected. So building supportive communities of people who understand the challenges of recovery, particularly when they are combined with academic and normal day to day stresses, is a vital element of what we do.

Of course, good grades are important but for lasting recovery, it’s also essential to have some fun, and there’s no better place to do this than when students are living in a clean and sober campus residence. It might be sports, music, arts festivals, or any number of activities, but whatever our students are into, they’re sure to find friends who share their interests to pursue them with sober.

Young people in our student recovery housings are never left to fight alone. We help them to heal and succeed within a supportive community of like-minded friends and peers – all of whom are also in school – who share and understand their experiences and objectives, both academic and personal.

We understand that recovery is not easy, especially when combined with the normal pressures of young adulthood. So our residents also benefit from the care and supervision of residence managers, available 24/7, as well as an academic support manager, and access to behavioral assistance professionals if required.

Formula For Success

  • Peer Support
  • Academic Environment
  • Accountability
  • Proximity To Campus
  • Fun In Recovery
  • Cleanliness
  • Resource Availability
  • Transportation

We have a few locations.

Let us help you find the right one for you.

Beginning on the Boca Raton campus of Florida Atlantic University in 2015 to serve South Florida, we now also operate student housing facilities at Denton (University of North Texas), and Murfreesboro (Middle Tennessee State University). Close to the major cities of Dallas and Nashville, respectively, these residences are also available to students from any school in these areas.

All our accommodations are modern, comfortable and gender-specific, with excellent modern facilities, and we can also offer transport to other out-patient programs if and when required.

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