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We’re the leaders of the pack when it comes transitional housing for students in recovery. 

We have a variety of services built into our lease agreements to empower clients to maintain continuous sobriety while achieving their academic goals.

For Addiction Recovery

Life in Progress is proud to offer premier addiction recovery non-clinical services.


Our staff and rules are focused on creating a safe, recovery conducive environment with academics in mind. From sensible curfews to drug testing to daily check ins, Life in Progress makes it one step easier to stay away from drugs and alcohol.

Peer Support

Weekly house meetings are only a portion of the peer support offered by Life in Progress Student Recovery Housing. Residents keep in close, but comfortable quarters to each other to ensure that no one feels alone. Peer support meetings are required. Transportation can be arranged to get to 12-step, faith based, SMART Recovery, and All Student Recovery Meetings. The availability of each type of meeting depends on location, but all pathways are acceptable as long as abstinence is maintained.

Access To Therapy

Although Life in Progress does not provide clinical services, we understand that outpatient therapy is often times appropriate when living in a student recovery residence. Many of our residents attend Life of Purpose, but all outpatient treatment centers that are conducive to addiction and academic recovery are acceptable and transportation can be arranged.

Fun In Recovery

Recovery can be tough. That is why it is important to have fun. Our students belong to various collegiate recovery programs and communities as well as organizations like Young People in Recovery. We encourage residents to get out and have fun. This might be in the form of recovery friendly tailgate parties, chess tournaments, movie premieres, or community organizing for recovery advocacy.

For Academic Advancement

Student recovery housing is fundamentally different than “a half way house.” Our academic focus fosters the scholastic environment needed to succeed.

Exclusive to Students

We believe that for students early in recovery to succeed, they must feel like a student. Our peen-driven housing model mimics a dormitory, just without drugs, alcohol, and partying. It is important for our students to be able to knock on the neighbor’s door for help with some homework or to find someone to walk to class with.

Proximity to Multiple Schools

All of our locations are strategically placed close to not just one, but many academic institutions. Whether it is an introductory class at community college or graduate school, there will be a school at one -if not more than one- of our locations that is the perfect fit.

Academic Enviornment

Let’s face it- not all recovery residences are the best place to prep for the MCAT. We pride ourselves creating and maintaining an environment where studying is not only acceptable, but encouraged. Some of our locations offer printer services and computers. Each staff member is a student or recent graduate to ensure that they understand what it takes to succeed on a personal level.

Proven Success

Hundreds of students have graduated from our program and transitioned into collegiate recovery programs and communities all around the country. Our students have earned acceptances into graduate schools, internships, and full time jobs. We are the best at transitioning emerging adults from inpatient rehab into college.

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