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We have many different clients with a common goal: higher education. Their stories are a bit different but all carry a message of hope and a desire to get more out of life.

The original recovery house that I was at was much different than Life in Progress. I was the only one in school. There were people much older than me as well. They kept telling us that we all had so much in common. Past being 60 days sober from some sort of alcohol or drug problem I didn’t see anything that was remotely similar about us. Then I found out about Life in Progress and was able to move in with a bunch of students like me. I feel much more comfortable having actual peers around me who want to do something with their lives besides go to the beach and hit meetings.
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I attended a big “party school” and was sure that no one there was sober. I eventually had to go to treatment and ended up at Life of Purpose. They transitioned me to Life in Progress and I was able to continue my degree at the “big party school” online. All of my credits and grades were transferable too. I didn’t know it was possible, but they walked me through everything. They also introduced me to the head of the Collegiate Recovery Program at my school. I have applied to go back to their recovery student housing. Life in Progress is perfect for me now because I don’t think that I am quite ready to go back to my original campus. It feels good to have an end in sight though. I know my path back to school and that I will have a safe environment when I get there.
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It seemed that law school was a pipe dream for me. I had some legal issues and my drug problem kept getting worse and worse. Thankfully I was able to get in Life in Progress and study for the LSAT exam while completing my undergraduate degree. I also went to Life of Purpose where they helped me clean my transcript up and gave me training for explaining my legal history. Fast forward a year and I have been accepted to law schools all around the country.
Recovery student housing gave me the tools I needed to start school again. I had failed at 5 colleges before being referred to Life in Progress. I started back up taking six credits at Palm Beach State College. After one year I was a fully matriculated student at Florida Atlantic University and transitioned to different living arrangements with other students in recovery.
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